ADP 15.1

Crawls directories and displays the results that match the user's query
3.4  (5 votes)
15.1.0 (See all)
Pavel Golovko
Searches specified destinations and pulls out results that match the user's query. Crawls directories and indexes everything it finds. It work in dynamic as well as static modes.

Astanda Directory Project [ADP] is a directory, search engine, and spider/crawler software. Your own little breed of DMOZ and Google. ADP is the only software in its class ever to be written in PHP with MySQL database support. Supports virtually unlimited ammount of links and pages. Powered by Smarty template engine, ADP can run in both dynamic and static modes. Proper full text boolean search with keyword relevance can chew on gigabytes of data. runs the latest ADP version with default ADP template. Feel free to test out the features, add some links, and post a message in the forum if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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